• Leslie Howard Pianist – President,
  • Carlo Balzaretti Pianist and Director Gallarate Conservatory
  • Aurelio Zarrelli Composer, Conductor, Director Conservatory of Bologna
  • Giuseppe Sabbatini Internationally renowned tenor, Conductor
  • Maurizio Turriziani Double bass player and direct collaborator of Ennio Morricone
  • Alberto Firrincieli Pianist, Harpsichordist, Lecturer University of Bangkok
  • Vittorio Magrini Trumpeter, Director Campobasso Conservatory
  • Marco Grisanti Camerist, Lecturer in Chamber Music
  • Costantin Negoita Cellist, First Cello Berna Symphony Orchestra 
  • Valentina Lo Surdo Journalist and RAI Radio and Music Events presenter
  • Piero di Egidio Pianist, Musicologist, Journalist


  • Maurizio Agamennone Ethnomusicologist Professor University of
  • Francesco Magaro’ multi-instrumentalist, researcher, learner of traditional music
  • Piero Ricci Accordionist and Bagpiper

Other Jurors will be add.

The Jury’s decisions are to be considered final and irrevocable.

The Jury reserves the right not to award one or more prizes in the event that none of the competitors reaches the predetermined level or to award Ex Aequo prizes if it considers that there is an equality of level between two competitors and/or ensembles.

The Jury reserves the right to stop a candidate’s performance should the latter exceed the maximum time allowed.

The Jury has the right to listen again to the participants’ performances.