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Eleomai Cultural Association


International Music Contest

1st edition

CAMPOBASSO (Italy) 15-21 MAY 2023

Artistic Direction and Organising Committee

Simone Sala, Pianist and Conservatory lecturer

Paolo Bartolucci, Opera Artist, Tenor

Eleomai Cultural Association


The Musica Italia Grand Prize is an International Competition of Musical Performance, open to musicians of all ages and nationalities soloist or ensembles.

The event is intended to give a strong impetus to the technical, artistic and professional growth of both young music talents and professional musicians in search of new opportunities and new circuits in which to accredit themselves, increasing the breadth of their professional network.

Technical perfection, interpretative qualities, phrasing ability, stage presence, communication, empathy, and the ability to conceive interesting musical programmes.

These are the main qualities on which the technical evaluations of the prestigious Musica Italia juries will be based.

The Musica Italia Grand Prize International Music Cimopetition is composed by 3 categories:

Cat. A) CONSERVATORY STUDENTS Open to Students enrolled in any Course of an Italian Conservatory or Equal Music Institue recognized by the italian government, as Soloists or Chamber Groups up to 6 elements without Conductor, except for Students enrolled in courses of Folk Music and Instrument ( usually called "Traditional Music and Instruments" course)

Chamber groups must be completely made by students.

One round free program 15 minutes.

Cat. B) TRADITIONAL FOLK MUSIC AND INSTRUMENTS (Zampogna, Ciaramella, Organetto, Tamburello etc.)

Free program 15 minutes

The category is open to Soloists or Instrumental Groups of up to 7 elements.

The Ensemble must consist of Traditional Instruments for at least 50% of the components excluding any vocals.


Eligible Sections


String Instruments

Wind Instruments

Percussion – Accordion or Bandoneon

Guitar – Harp

Opera Singing

Chamber Music (Ensembles up to Sextet including Vocal Chamber Music with or without piano)

The Grand Prize is open to the participation of musicians of all ages and nationalities and to all ensembles up to a maximum of 6 elements and consists of an Eliminatory Round (divided into Sections) and a Final Round where all admitted competitors will participate (maximum 12 competitors admitted to the Final Round per Section).

Each competitor may register for one or more sections by paying the relative entry fees for each section.

It is permitted to repeat pieces already performed.


Cat. A and B

The Competition A and B Categories round will take place from 17 to 18 May 2023 in Campobasso at the Conservatorio Lorenzo Perosi and will involve the performance of a programme of the competitor's choice, with a maximum total duration of 15 minutes.



The preliminary rounds will take place divided into sections on 18 and 19 May 2023 in Campobasso at the Conservatorio Lorenzo Perosi, and will involve the performance of a program of the competitor's choice with a maximum total duration of 15 minutes.

A maximum of 15 Musicians will be selected by the Jury will for the Final.


The Final Round will take place in the presence of the International Juries on 20 May 2023 in Campobasso at the Convitto Nazionale "Mario Pagano" Aula Magna. Ù

It envisages the performance of a programme of a maximum duration of 25 minutes. The finalists may repeat one or more pieces already performed in the preliminary round. 

The Juries, as a whole, have absolute authority in awarding the prizes and their judgement remains unquestionable and unappealable


The Winners of all Categories (A, B, G.P) – under penalty of forfeiting the Prize – are obliged to perform in the Final Concert to be held on Sunday 21 May 2023 at 5.30 p.m. in the Aula Magna of the Convitto Nazionale "Mario Pagano" of Campobasso with a program agreed with the Artistic Direction.


Prizes will be awarded through the Jury's votes expressed in hundredths (x/100) according to the following rules:

First Prize : votes from 95/100 to 100/100

Second Prize : votes from 90/100 to 94/100

Third Prize : votes from 85/100 to 89/100

Fourth Prize : votes from 80/100 to 84/100

Fifth Prize : votes ranging from 75/100 to 79/100

Sixth Prize : votes ranging from 70/100 to 74/100

Certificate of Merit : votes ranging from 60/100 to 69/100

Jury members who have had any family and/or teaching relationship with the Competitors in the two years preceding the Competition shall be obliged to abstain from expressing their judgement.

Cat. A) Students enrolled in any Course of an Italian Conservatory or a "Istituto Musicale Pareggiato":

I PRIZE € 1,000.00 and 1 Concert, Professional Promotional Video Clip which will be made at the same time as the Concert Prize and given to the winner(s).

II PRIZE € 500.00

III PRIZE € 250.00

Cat. B) Instruments of the Italian Popular Ethnic Tradition:

I PRIZE € 1,000 n.1 Concert and n.1 Professional Promotional Video Clip that will be made at the same time as the Concert will be given by the winner(s).


I PRIZE € 2,500.00

n.3 Concerts in the USA with the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra TEXAS

n.1 Concert in Thailand ASIA

n.1 Concert in Italy

Production of n.1 Professional Promotional Video Clip

II PRIZE € 2,000.00

III PRIZE € 1,500.00

IV PRIZE € 1,000.00

V PRIZE € 500.00

VI PRIZE € 250.00


  • To the Best Competitor enrolled at the "L.Perosi" Conservatory of Campobasso, € 250.00 Scholarship and a Prize Plate.

  • To the Best Competitor NOT Resident in Italy, € 250.00 Scholarship.

  • To the Best Disabled Competitor, €250.00 "Prof. Giovanni SALA" Scholarship offered by the Sala family.

  • To the best performance of a piece by Raffaele Bellafronte 250 (Raffaele Bellafronte’s operas can be consulted at

  • Concert prize at the Assumption University in Bangkok to the Asian competitor of the GP section who has not already won the First Prize.

At the discretion of the Jury, "Ex Aequo" prizes may be awarded.

The amounts of the prizes and scholarships shall be subject to tax where applicable and as per law.



Leslie Howard Pianist – President,

Carlo Balzaretti Pianist and Director Gallarate Conservatory

Aurelio Zarrelli Composer, Conductor, Director Conservatory of Bologna

Giuseppe Sabbatini Internationally renowned tenor, Conductor

Maurizio Turriziani Double bass player and direct collaborator of Ennio Morricone

Alberto Firrincieli Pianist, Harpsichordist, Lecturer University of Bangkok

Vittorio Magrini Trumpeter, Director Campobasso Conservatory

Marco Grisanti Camerist, Lecturer in Chamber Music

Costantin Negoita Cellist, First Cello Berna Symphony Orchestra 


Valentina Lo Surdo Journalist and RAI Radio and Music Events presenter

Piero di Egidio Pianist, Musicologist, Journalist


Maurizio Agamennone Ethnomusicologist Professor University of

Francesco Magaro’ multi-instrumentalist, researcher, learner of traditional music

Piero Ricci Accordionist and Bagpiper

Other Jurors will be add.

The Jury's decisions are to be considered final and irrevocable.

The Jury reserves the right not to award one or more prizes in the event that none of the competitors reaches the predetermined level or to award Ex Aequo prizes if it considers that there is an equality of level between two competitors and/or ensembles.

The Jury reserves the right to stop a candidate's performance should the latter exceed the maximum time allowed.

The Jury has the right to listen again to the participants' performances.


Entry fees

  • CATEGORY A: € 80.00 soloist + € 20 for each ensemble/chamber group member from the second onwards

  • CATEGORY B: € 60

  • G.P.: € 100.00 soloist + € 30 for each member

The Application Form and Entry Form must be received, complete in all its parts and accompanied by the required documents and the receipt of payment of the entry fee for the Category(s), no later than 11.59 pm (23.59) on 5th May 2023. It may be submitted and delivered, necessarily complete and within the aforementioned deadline, either via the website or by email or form subscription

The Musica Italia Organization makes available FOR FREE an accompanist (pianist) for soloists. All the candidates who need the accompanist MUST declare it at the subscription time and they MUST send the music score via email together with the subscription form within the competition dead line.

It is at the discretion of the Artistic Direction and the organising committee to eliminate one or more sections or categories from the competition for organisational reasons; in this case, entrants will be promptly notified and their entry fees will be reimbursed.

The entry fee will not be refunded in the event of non-participation. Applications not accompanied by the required documentation will not be considered.

It is possible to enter more than one Competition Category.

The registration fee will not be refunded in the event of non-participation. Applications not accompanied by the required documentation will not be considered.

It is possible to enter more than one Competition Category.

The artistic direction and organising committee reserve the right to make changes to these Rules and Regulations and/or to take decisions on matters not covered herein should the need arise.

Registration for the Competition implies unconditional acceptance of these Rules and Regulations as well as the reservation on the part of the artistic direction and organising committee to make changes to them.


1) The personal data provided by each candidate will be processed exclusively for the purpose of sending information about the association and the topics covered by the MIGP website and social media pages and by email in accordance with DGPR n.679/2016;

2) The data will not be disclosed to other parties, nor will they be disseminated;

3) By applying, participants allow the Artistic Direction, the Organising Committee and related entities and legal entities to use their images and videos and to upload them to their website and/or social media.


Possible conventions concerning board and lodging for competitors coming from and residing outside Italy are foreseen and will be communicated later on the MUSICA ITALIA GRAND PRIZE internet and social media pages. All updated info on the website

Candidates must bring their musical instrument with them, with the exception of the following instruments :

  • Piano

  • Double bass if resident and from outside the country

  • Harp

  • Percussions (Xylophone, Marimba, Timpani etc)

Further scheduling and specifics and/or variations of rehearsal times and venues will be duly communicated to participants in good time on the internet and social media pages of the MUSICA ITALIA GRAND PRIZE.

any dispute concerning the MUSICA ITALIA GRAND PRIZE, the Court of Campobasso shall have jurisdiction.

Campobasso February 15th 2023


Phone: +393484874115



Facebook: musica italia grand prize

Instagram: musicaitaliagp

* Award concerts in USA and ASIA are the responsibility of the companies that offered the entries. The Artistic Direction and the Eleomani Association, organizers of the Musica Italia GP are autonomously relieved of any dispute or controversy.